Tips To Increase Productivity While Working Remotely

5 May 2020

During this pandemic crisis, all we can do is stay home to keep ourselves safe from our surroundings. But it’s not that simple, is it? We can go a little crazy stuck in our house all-day long… that compounded with our own health and financial concerns can be overwhelming.

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the employees’ work situation for many businesses worldwide. So, the ultimate solution to this crisis is to “work from home”. This option helps both employees and organizations avoid economic fallouts, especially for startup and small businesses.

Working remotely isn’t a new concept, it has been used in, at least, a partial sense for over a decade. The current situation has forced a large portion of employees to work remotely full-time to increase business productivity until the threat of COVID – 19 pandemics cleared. Many companies have considered, even after COVID is resolved, allowing employees to continue to work from home.

The first few weeks may not be as tough to work remotely, but it may become more difficult as time goes on. You may find a slight drop and variation in productivity, when you begin working and finish. This means we need to engage ourselves and co-workers to increase productivity. Below are a few tips to help both employees and organizations function well while working remotely.

For Employees:

  • Schedule Login & Logoff Times:
    The best part of working remotely is the flexibility to work when is most convenient. Although, we plan for 8 hours of work per day we can use the flexibility of working from home to our advantage. However, schedule your login and logoff time and let your coworkers know when you are online.
  • Figure Out Your Working Environment:
    The environment plays a crucial role in how proficient and productive you are. Some of us have kids at home, maybe others live with friends or other family… regardless of the situation concessions will have to be made. Our families and friends need to know when we are working. We must have a quiet environment to enhance productivity.
  • Communication:
    Interacting with co-workers and management is an important and the best way to discuss the details about tasks, work, and other priorities. It helps to keep our manager updated; it may be wise to consider a free collaborative tool to improve focus and communication on projects. However, don’t forget the human aspect. We all want some sort of interaction, so be sure to schedule the occasional webcast meeting so you can see one another and speak freely.
  • Take Small Breaks:
    Remote employees must stick to a structured schedule includes lunch and small breaks. Set an alarm, get off of the couch and stretch your body or walk around your house. This gives some sort of relaxation to your body and refreshes your mood.
  • Self Care:
    Most of us like to be lazy when we are home, but self-care is one of the most important aspect of remote workers. Due to novel coronavirus, we can’t go out too much, but that should stop us from creating a healthy routine that considers our work & sleep schedule, eating, exercising and decompressing to stay healthy and happy.

For Organizations:

  • Hire Business Consultants
    Hiring professional business consultants can help you plan and manage remote working schedules without hassle. They can provide strategic project management solutions, act as a path between employees & management and guide both employees&management to reach the targeted goals within a time frame.
  • Schedule Small Talks:
    Building a rapport with remote working employees is an important aspect of the management. Make time for small talks with team members and find out their needs, issues and goals.
  • Plan Video Conferences:
    This the smartest way to engage all team members. It helps encourage every team member for active participation in group discussions, share new ideas and decision making in projects. It gives a sense of responsibility to every employee by being involved in meetings with management.
  • Appreciate and Congratulate Team Members:
    Even a small amount of praise gives a great feeling of motivation. So let employees know whenever they do a good job regardless if it is a simple or difficult task.

By implementing these tips can bring real change while work and managing remotely to drive better performance and higher productivity.