The importance of blogging for your small business

4 February 2020

A blog in general terms is an online diary or a journal located on a website where information is displayed in the reverse chronological order with the latest appearing first. The history of the blog dates back to the early 1990s when the first blog appeared on the internet. With the changing digital landscape, blogging has evolved into one of the most demanded forms of digital marketing in recent years. Blogs have become an integral part of every major culture. Nearly everyone has read a blog to glean some level of information on a topic.

Since inception, blogs have evolved like never before and are expected to continue changing in the future. What we considered a blog today is not what it was some decades ago. Studies reveal that almost 90% of the internet users read blogs before they make a decision about anything they’d like to purchase including: product, enrolling into a course, in-depth reviews about a particular business, a service, travel, cooking, and many others. Business experts have also proclaimed that business blogging has its own part in shaping their online business and consider it the heart of digital marketing. In fact, many techniques of digital marketing such as SEO and content marketing only work when you have blogs on your website.

Reasons why blogging is important for small businesses:

  • As said in our previous blogs, Content marketing is the No.1 module of digital marketing without which you cannot do digital marketing or traditional marketing. Blogging falls under content marketing where you can educate your customers on products and services which also helps prompt website visitors to buy products or services. Almost all businesses use blogs to market their products or services.
  • Blogs function as a way of improving your search engine rankings or to enhance visibility for your business. For example, a user may not be aware of your company’s products or services until he/she conducts a query on a search engine. If your blog has high quality, relevant data and keywords it could appear on top of the search results page. This way you have a greater chance of winning a customer’s business.
  • Blogging helps you create a niche. By producing exceptional and compelling content, you can showcase your expertise in your industry, build your customer base, and brand authority. Brand authority refers to the trust your brand has earned among your customers regarding you or your company’s expertise
  • Blogging, when done correctly, serves as a source of information that can provide answers for a larger segment of people who will often share and comment. This way your blogs and content can connect with even more audiences.
  • Blogs help you develop insight into your target audience. Writing a good business blog helps produce more followers and readers who are interested in you or your business. Secondly, capturing the analytics of your blog ensure you can improve your website visitors’ experience. The more you know about your target audience the more empowered you are to get them through your sales funnel.

Conclusion: If you have not added a blog to your website, you are missing a huge segment of your audience. Not sure how to get started? We are a top online marketing agency in St. George, Utah and can help you navigate through the blogging process to improve your marketing. Contact us today!