How can PPC help your small business grow?

29 January 2020

By now most of us know how digital marketing has changed the marketing game. Just like SEO, Social Media management and content marketing, PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is another powerful tool for online businesses looking for higher visibility on search engines. While SEO, Social media Management occupies a larger part of your digital marketing strategy, one cannot deny that PPC is more effective in winning more web traffic, generate more leads and boost sales quickly. It may sound like an expensive tool but the PPC campaign can generate more profit than any other online marketing method. It is the best tool to reach your target audience at the right moment and when they are ready to convert. PPC can link to a vast number of opportunities for your business. It can help position your business in the market better than ever and also expand your reach. If you are a small business owner and haven’t yet tried PPC, here is why you need to try.

What is PPC?

As opposed to SEO, which is used to gain organic results, PPC or Pay-Per-Click Management is a platform for online marketing where advertisers have to pay for user clicks. Ads can be displayed on search engines or social media networks like Google Search, Google display network, Bing, Yahoo or any other paid advertising channel. PPC is basically a method of buying visits to your website in a short period of time rather than earning the visits organically which can take a notable time period.

Here is how PPC can help your small business grow

It can generate immediate and consistent traffic:

PPC is the best platform to run ad campaigns and achieve instant results. While the importance of organic search traffic cannot be denied, it’s pretty time consuming to get the results. But with PPC, you can easily set up a targeted Ad campaign in about half an hour or so and can bring in traffic and conversions right away. PPC has the potential of showing results immediately in terms of traffic, leads and boosting sales.

You only pay for the clicked ads:

PPC is an effective marketing tool that is straightforward and eliminates complexities. In order to beat the competition and appear on the top of the SERP page, you pay Google or any other search engine for listing your ads. So, when someone clicks your ad, you will have to pay the current cost per click from your budget and once the daily budget is reached Google stops showing your ads. This way you have control over your marketing budget and the results are tracked and recorded. With PPC the advertiser pays only when the consumer clicks on the ad but can maximize his return on investment through various PPC tools.

With PPC you can apply Geo-Targeting:

Geo-targeting is an important element of the PPC advertising platform. This enables you to exclude those users who fall out of your target location. Unless you are a global company, it is not necessary to target the entire world and even then companies can target certain pockets of an area for the best result. Geo-targeting is an exclusive feature you can get only through PPC to reach your potential customers in certain locations.

PPC serves as a measurable metrics:

Through the PPC campaign, one can see real-time results and make better decisions as in PPC everything is measured. By using the tools in Google Ads or Analytics you can see which factor or variable caused an increase in conversions and by how much.

For example, based on the results you receive from PPC ads, you can determine what kind of devices visitors conduct the most purchases on. If you are having more mobile conversions than others then the budget can be allocated to push more ads to mobile devices.

With PPC you can retarget your audience:

Retargeting is an exclusive feature of PPC wherein you gain the ability to advertise directly to the user who has previously visited your site or who have clicked through your ads before. This is an incredible marketing tactic that can generate higher conversion rates than that of normal marketing campaigns.

Conclusion: Small business owners can progress greatly from PPC. Investing a little in PPC to gain more ROI is a good decision that most small business owner should consider to gain a competitive advantage and grow their business faster. Join hands with Thomas Consulting Group, the leading small business marketing agency in Utah to help your business grow in the online world.