How Can Email Marketing Help Your Small Business?

24 January 2020

Email marketing is one segment of internet marketing that still has great value. Every business from large to small can benefit from understanding what email marketing can do for them. Email marketing is a direct form of marketing used to cultivate a relationship with customers, keep customers informed and updated about the new products and services, send coupons, promotional offers and many more. With the rapid advancement in social media, some people think email marketing is a thing of the past. Nevertheless, Email marketing still continues to be a highly effective, inexpensive and profitable medium for both large and small businesses. In fact, business experts argue that email marketing is an incredibly useful marketing tool now more than ever before for all the right reasons. Studies show that 28% of online shoppers in the US subscribe to stores or websites in order to stay informed on brands they are interested in. Small business owners must understand and utilize this medium of communication to amplify their reach and boost sales.

See how your startup or small business can shine with the use of email marketing.

Email marketing has a larger reach:

While there are many other digital communication channels, email stands out as the most widely used mode of communication for people around the globe. Current statistics show that there are more than 3.8 billion email users in the world and that the number is increasing every year. Since the internet knows no borders and with the ever-changing mobile technology, a good email campaign can reach anyone in the world. Not using email as a part of your internet marketing campaign suggests that you are missing out on a channel that the majority of the world uses.

Email marketing is cost-effective:

Marketing is all about interacting with your customers and thus email marketing is a cost-effective tool that grants direct access to your customers. Once you have customer permission, you can keep them informed via email without spending a single penny in postage. Many businesses, using email marketing tools, experience strong repeat business since their customers want to stay informed, receive the latest promotional offers, and learn of recent developments in products or services.

Email marketing results are highly measurable:

Email marketing can serve as a tool to measure your marketing efforts. With email marketing analytics, you can determine the number of subscriptions to your website, who has opened your emails, who have accessed the links you have provided, and (if you provided a coupon code) who made purchases. You can also understand which subject lines lead to better open rates and influence more conversion rates. This information becomes highly valuable to further optimize your digital marketing strategy.

You can personalize content:

Other marketing channels have restrictions as to how you can call attention to certain words such as capitalization, bold, etc. With email marketing, it doesn’t have those restrictions and they can be very personalized. Recent market studies show that digital customers want marketing to be more personal and tailored to their needs and preferences. Some experts also believe that hyper-personalization is one of the most important aspects to be included in the digital marketing campaign in the year 2020. Email marketing makes it easy to personalize the message and content you would want to deliver to your subscribers. Using the data collected from your leads or subscribers, you can work to provide more personalized and relevant data that can engage your customers who are more likely to engage in your services or products. This kind of approach through email marketing can improve your click-through rates as well as overall conversion rates and eventually bring in more ROI.

Conclusion: Many small businesses have flourished in the digital marketing arena by optimizing their email marketing. Apart from the aforementioned advantages, email marketing has countless benefits for small businesses from boosting sales to building trust, brand, relationship with customers and the list goes on. No matter your level of experience in email marketing, Thomas Consulting Group can help. Our firm is located in beautiful Southern Utah and is here to help you run a successful email marketing campaign. So are you ready to kick start email marketing for your small business?