Five Critical Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Strategy

In the modern landscape, the largest chunk of the marketing strategy of any business is undoubtedly digital. This is because the consumers are online and so are businesses. Small businesses go digital to reach their maximum audience and to observe their customers buying behavior which will help them better understand where and when they spend their time and money. Building an effective digital marketing strategy is the first step towards establishing a digital connection with your customers. Your digital marketing strategy covers a wide range of opportunities for business through social media, pay-per-click, email campaigns, blogging, video and other types of advertising. While considering this strategy, certain factors can influence the structure and methods a business would have to employ to be successful. These factors can be game-changers, as they have a huge impact on your overall marketing efforts.

Consider the following critical factors while crafting your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Your Budget:

Once we have set a goal, we have to start working on our budget. We must remember that our budget plan is a large part of the basis for our success. With an unlimited budget, we can put our message anywhere online but that, of course, isn’t practical. Our money is one of the most crucial resources that run our business so we should focus on core business functions and marketing. We must work to build realistic and cost-effective digital marketing strategies. For a small business, low-cost digital marketing includes blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing.

  1. Your Audience:

Before deciding on what marketing channel to use we must examine our target markets interests and demographics. Information like age, gender, location, language, and buying behavior will serve any small business well to effectively determine where to focus resources. We must understand the pulse of an audience as from it all our products, services, and marketing strategies will stem. How would people locate our businesses products or services? When would they be most susceptible to accepting what would be offered? These are all factors to consider while determining how to reach them.

  1. Your Team :

The knowledge and the expertise your team has in digital marketing can either make or break your internet marketing strategy. In order to propel your business into these digital channels, it is important to find exceptional digital marketers, to design, implement and measure the results. Make sure your team has intimate knowledge in core digital marketing channels such as SEO, email marketing, blogging, social media marketing.

  1. Ever-Changing Technology :

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets has transformed marketing phenomenally. The major challenges many brands now face are how can they effectively reach their audience through all these devices in real-time and generate relevant and result-driven marketing strategies. Google emphasizes building mobile responsive experience as it has a great impact on mobile marketing. In many cases this is the majority of the traffic that most businesses will receive so it is essential to up-to-date on the changes and improvements to mobile marketing.

  1. Competitor Analysis :

It is essential to run thorough research on your competitors. When we know what they are doing it helps us determine how we can best approach our target audience by using the experience and data of our competitors. Watching our competitors is a very important aspect of digital marketing as data can be obtained from their website, how they spend their money on ads, PR coverage, social media activity, email marketing strategy, blog content, and however they market their business. Competitor analysis also helps you avoid the tip of the spear by learning from the mistakes of your competition and explore a better way to pursue more effective marketing strategies.


Apart from the items listed above, many other factors such as quality content, platforms or marketing channels, use of right keywords, and other factors can influence your digital marketing strategy and how effective it is. Here at Thomas Consulting Group have superior knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and can help you find the success you are looking for.