Best Ways To Attract Customers To Your Local Business

29 November 2019

Customers are foundation and life-blood for any business. A local business is located in a specific geographic location and needs a specific targeted marketing strategy. This strategy helps maintain current customers and also attract new customers who may not realize a local specialty business in their area. As customers’ needs change and evolve over time, so too must the ways by which local businesses acquire new customers. So to supercharge business, every local and small business owner must adopt the latest marketing techniques to reach customers both in-person and online.

Some of the best ways to attract new customers to your local business online are as follows:

  1. Directory Listings are Very Important: This is one of the best ways for a local business to get found by online searches. A business directory is an online list of local businesses within a particular area, category, or niche. Typical information listed on the online directory includes: a company’s name, hours of operation, contact details, social media accounts, website, a short description of what the company does, a list of products and services provided, and some photos. Online directories are also referred to as cites or citations. They are usually free or free to start with a paid option to unlock more features.
  1. Google My Business Listing: Google is helping many local and small business owners with its, free to register, Google my business tool. It helps create and manage Google listings, which appear on Google search engine or Google maps when customers search for a business. It predominantly helps businesses attract new customers and share information about their products and services. Today, 9 out of 10 shoppers use google to search online when they want to find business locally. So by listing your business, you can appear before your target market quickly.
  1. Google Maps Can Help You In A Great Way: To get listed in Google maps, you must be registered on Google my Business. Google maps is one of the most successful Google products. Google maps can help optimize your local business to a greater extent by establishing the relevance and prominence of your business. When people search for anything from a local restaurant, to a clinic, grocery store, or salon it is Google maps that pinpoints the businesses people are looking for. So if you are not listed in Google maps, you are missing a lot of potential customers.
  1. Use Press Releases: Press releases can help local businesses stand out from the pack by uniquely positioning the business as an expert in the community. They act as a great backlink option for SEO and social sharing. Press releases are often used to create content on other marketing channels as well. They can be used for promoting different events such as opening a new location, bringing in a new product, offering new service or launching a new product line.
  1. Ask For Authentic Reviews For Your Business: People like to take the word of other people before trying something new and this is can be faciliatated by customer reviews. Reviews not only bring a good reputation for your business but also help build trust within your products and services within your community. Lots of customers turn to online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Reviews are solid social proof for your business that legitamize your business.
  1. Create A Yelp Account: Yelp is the hottest marketing space online for small businesses competing with the likes of Google and Facebook. Yelp has 142 million users per month; it’s just that every small business owner now has a business page open with Yelp. A Yelp business user account allows business owners to connect with the customers, including those who have written reviews for his/her business. So, people can use yelp to find your business and read the reviews and positive recommendations about what you do and help create a brand image.

Bonus Tip: If you are one among the local or small business owners looking for the best ways to promote your local business, this blog may help you prioritize some of the tactics based on the needs of your business. Our digital marketing experts at Thomas Consulting group, love to assist you in launching your local business digitally. Talk to us today to make your online presence known.